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Tide turns for Song of the Sea as box office takings rise


Song of the Sea

Song of the Sea

Song of the Sea

Oscar nominated Irish animation Song of the Sea has hit a high note with cinema-goers on its opening weekend.

The first weekend the film hit our screens it ranked sixth on the Irish box office list, pulling in an impressive €42,212.

Song of the Sea surpassed the critically acclaimed film Amy - which details the short-lived life of soul singer Amy Winehouse and took in €36,062 over the same weekend - and Melissa McCarthy's Spy, which grossed €27,575.

Last weekend, director Tomm Moore sparked a Twitter debate concerning low audience numbers in cinemas, amid claims of just three people at some screenings for his new film.

Speaking to the Herald, Mr Moore said that perhaps he was "prematurely complaining" as box office figures are now reflecting a sudden spike in ticket sales.

"It seems it's much more of a word of mouth film as opposed to having people banging down the door on the day it's released to see it," he said.

Although Song of the Sea experienced what's known as a 'soft opening', last Thursday saw a surge in audience numbers, which continued over the weekend with Studio Canal, a UK-based distributing company adding more screenings.

Mr Moore said he was heartened by the support, but added it's a difficult market.

"We've had a good box office reception, an Oscar nomination and universally good reviews and it's still been tough," he said.