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This wild child just needs a good spank

ARTHUR Comedy. Starring Russell Brand, Helen Mirren, Jennifer Garner, Greta Gerwig >Mark Evans

I have a soft spot for his former comedy partner Jonathan Ross, but I've got to admit that Russell Brand leaves me cold.

Maybe it's because he's a hit Stateside, despite being annoying; or because he's a comedy giant that doesn't make me laugh; or because, hell, he even married Katy Perry, despite his scruffy looks.

By the 1980s, former comedy great Dudley Moore wasn't one of my favourites either. There was a certain charm to 10, with Bo Derek, but Arthur, with its annoying theme song, wouldn't be a comedy favourite.

And the remake has even less to offer.

It's the story of a spoiled silver-spoon millionaire (Brand) who, having everything handed to him on a plate, has turned to the bottle out of boredom.

After being arrested on a drink-driving charge, and sick of his ways, his snooty family threaten to cut off the money flow unless he marries socialite Susan (Jennifer Garner), who also happens to be a gold-digger with plans to take over his $950m corporation.


Still, he really does long for Naomi (Greta Gerwig), a young free-spirited woman he's just met while she was working as a tour guide.

So how to get the girl and keep the millions?

Any depth of character that Dudley Moore and co-star Liza Minnelli brought to the original is sadly lacking here. Dudley's Arthur at least had character, no matter how flawed.

Here, Brand just gives us a lad giving it large.

There are funny moments. And when even Helen Mirren -- as Arthur's level-headed nanny -- can't rescue this sinking ship, it's time to flock to the lifeboats.

DVE EXTRAS: Gag reel, selection of deleted scenes and a featurette, Arthur Unsupervised, with Russell Brand and director Jason Winer are at least humorous when talking about the movie and uncover fun things about the film.