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The Gleeson name can be a curse, admits son Brian


Domhnall and Brian Gleeson

Domhnall and Brian Gleeson

First Day of Rehersals for The Walworth Farce

First Day of Rehersals for The Walworth Farce


Domhnall and Brian Gleeson

He's from one of Ireland's most famous acting dynasties, but Brian Gleeson has said his famous last name has been a "curse" at times.

The former Love/Hate star (27), whose father is veteran actor Brendan Gleeson, revealed that at times his surname has held back his career.

"I have found it a blessing and a curse," he said.

"You get seen for certain things but not seen for other things, you know, 'Oh no, we don't want to be giving this to the sons.' So I suppose in total it evens out," he added.

The Malahide native, who is set to star in upcoming BBC drama Stonemouth, is also the younger brother of Star Wars actor Domhnall.


When it comes to acting, Brian insists there's no sibling rivalry between him and his brother, with whom he starred in a stage production The Walworth Farce along with their father earlier this year.

"Everything he has done, he's done brilliantly," Brian said.

"Maybe if he was dropping his game [then I might say something], but he never has.

"I'm always excited to see him do stuff.

Speaking to the Herald Scotland, the flame-haired star said he and Domhnall help each other when they're leaarning roles.

"We are different actors so it is never really a problem. We always help each other with auditions," he said.

"There are five years between us so there is a different look to us," Brian added.