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Tatum in cold weather 'misery'

Channing Tatum has revealed he was totally unprepared for the cold he experienced while shooting his latest film The Eagle in the Scottish Highlands.

The 30-year-old, who spent much of his years growing up in sunny Florida, filmed the new Roman epic in remote parts of the Highlands.

He admitted: "It was misery at times during the shoot. Even if they'd told me it was going to be the coldest I'll ever be in my life, I still don't think I'd have understood it."

Channing, who stars alongside Jamie Bell in the movie directed by Touching The Void filmmaker Kevin Macdonald, said: "I don't know how anything survives in that wet environment.

"Just being outside for 13 hours a day was almost more a mental battle than a physical one."

Despite his upbringing in less sunny Sunderland, Jamie, 25, agreed, saying: "Get out to the more remote parts of Scotland and it's really unforgiving."

The former Billy Elliot star added: "It's raining sideways, the sea's blowing, vehicles are overturning, horses are slipping and sliding and you're trying to make a film in period costume in the midst of it all."

Some of the sets were so remote, it involved the cast and crew hiking for 30 minutes just to reach their location.

Jamie plays British slave Esca while Tatum's character is a Roman soldier in the movie, adapted from Rosemary Sutcliff's classic novel, The Eagle Of The Ninth.

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