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Smart thriller sees Saoirse shine again

HANNA Thriller; Saoirse Ronan, Eric Bana, Jason Flemyng >Mark Evans

IS there anything Irish actress Saoirse Ronan can't do? Drama, period pieces, and now action.

In a kind of Nikita meets Jason Bourne, she plays Hanna Heller, a 16-year-old girl who lives with oddball dad Erik (Eric Bana) in a remote part of Finland.

While other girls play with My Little Ponies or Dora Explorers, Hanna's been trained to be a top assassin since she was a toddler.

Now, as a teen, she's ready for her first mission and the CIA come calling to Finland, capturing dad on the orders of boss Marissa Wiegler.

You see, dad's an Agency traitor and he's got a sting in the tail giving Hanna a mission to kill Wiegler.


On the run from a series of spies, Hanna hooks up with Sebastian (Jason Flemyng) and Rachel (Olivia Williams), and makes her first ever friend in the shape of their teenage daughter Sophie (Jessica Barden).

Heading to Berlin, she discovers how shady her past really is and her true identity -- a DNA-mutated superhuman whose emotions have been stunted to make her the ultimate killing machine.

Far more stylish than even recent Bond efforts, director Joe Wright has somehow managed to make an OTT story into something special.

Ronan is on top form as the girl whose biggest battle isn't with the agents in pursuit, but with her growing emotions and steely upbringing.

Don't expect Kill Bill , this is a lot smarter than that. And with scenes like the subway showdown, it's up there with the best of the Bourne series.


DVD EXTRAS: If you've got a player, it's best to go for the blu-ray, which features deleted scenes, an alternate ending, and a few making-of featurettes