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Short film to show early life of Keano

HOLD on to your seats, one of Ireland's most celebrated, and controversial, sporting stars is coming to a screen near you.

The early life of Irish and Manchester United legend Roy Keane is to be translated into film.

Rockmount will be produced as a short film and will give fans an insight into the beginnings of Keane's stellar career.


The Irish Film Board said the film will focus on Keane's early life growing up in Cork and the film is named after the club where he started off.

The film will take a look at the Ireland assistant manger's early interest in football and chart his career before his big move to Nottingham Forest.

"Roy Keane is a small but demonic eleven-year-old in 1980s Cork," the Irish Film Board explained.

"He needs to get on the starting eleven for his football club, and nothing is going to get in his way."