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Screenwriter Kerry gets a Jolie good break

A DUBLIN screenwriter is being credited for saving a big budget Hollywood film starring Angelina Jolie.

Dubliner Kerry Williamson, a little-known writer, has signed on to write the screen adaptation of Patricia Cornwell's extensive book series featuring heroine Dr Kay Scarpetta.

And since Oscar winner Angelina Jolie has agreed to play the lead role, Williamson is expected to become the next big thing to hit Hollywood.

Scarpetta has featured in 17 of Cornwell's crime novels, which revolve around the medical examiner and each one has been a global best seller.

The series has proven so popular that film bosses have been trying to bring the heroine to the big screen for the past two decades and spent more than €7m developing screenplays.

But now that the Dubliner is on board, they are confident that the film will finally be able to come to life, with filming scheduled to begin in autumn.

Kerry beat a number of better-known scribes for the role, and is said to have won bosses over with her vision of the character.

The books are originally set in the 1980s, but the Dubliner has decided to shift the setting to present day, as well as making her considerably younger, and therefore allowing Jolie (34) to take on the role.

"There's almost like this brewing passion in her, and intensity and sexuality that she doesn't feel comfortable unleashing," Williamson said.

"In the books, she's further along as a character, at the height of her career. In the screenplay, we bring her back to a time before that, when she's just charting her course, and trying to break the glass ceiling.

"She sees what society might consider her female traits -- intuition, compassion, instinct -- as a weakness in the real world. Yet that is where her power lies."