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Ruth edited out of Oscar favourite 12 Years A Slave


 Ruth Negga. Photo: Getty

Ruth Negga. Photo: Getty

Ruth Negga. Photo: Getty

RUTH Negga's role in Oscar-nominated film 12 Years A Slave has ended up on the cutting room floor.

The actress who played Robert Sheehan's (Darren) on-screen love interest in Love/Hate was tipped to take Hollywood by storm with her part in the Steve McQueen movie. She was cast in the role of Celeste, a runaway slave.

The movie, a bookies' favourite for Best Picture at the 2014 Oscars, also stars Michael Fassbender who has been nominated for Best Supporting Actor for his role.

It is based on the memoir of African-American Solomon Northup, a 'free man' who ended up being kidnapped and sold into slavery. Ms Negga's part of Celeste has been described as "critically important" by a professor in Cornell University, with many giving out that the character was edited out.

Celeste spent months hiding out in a forest after escaping from the plantation she worked on and for the role Ms Negga had to emerge from a swamp.