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Role reversal gives Hugh a break from chasing Amy

DUBLIN actor Hugh O'Conor has finally got his wish – to be chased by Amy Huberman.

The star of new Irish comedy The Stag said that it was a refreshing change to shoot a movie where the glamorous actress was in love with him.

Hugh and the wife of rugby legend Brian O'Driscoll, are good friends and have worked on several projects together.

"I have been in love with her in four or five different things and usually she's not in love with me," the actor told the Herald.

"Usually I am the obsessive one and she's like get away from me.

"So it was nice payback that she had to be in love with me this time, even though we find out that she hasn't been totally honest about everything."

The humour of the situation wasn't lost on Amy, who shot scenes for the movie while heavily pregnant with daughter Sadie at the end of 2012.

"We have played a few roles where he is basically stalking me so this is definitely a change," she said, laughing.

The Stag is a quirky comedy all about a disastrous stag do that goes awry in the Dublin Mountains.


Directed by John Butler and starring Hugh alongside Huberman and Sherlock actor Andrew Scott, the film will close this year's Jameson International Film Festival on February 23.

"I am getting married to Amy and she is a little worried about me and wants me to go on a proper stag," explained Hugh.

"So Andrew (Scott) who plays my best man has to get me up a mountain and Amy's brother turns up and is a nightmare so it goes from there."

Hugh added it was nice to get the gang back together, many of whom had worked on comedy sketch show Your Bad Self together.

"It was funny because we all worked on a sketch show together and John Butler who wrote it is a great friend of mine and Amy so we had a great time.

"They were very honest about it and they worked us really hard in a good way.

"We had a great time and hopefully people will find it funny."

Hugh said it is unlikely that the sketch show will come back, but he is planning to work with John, Amy and co again in the future.

"They would love to do another series, but the money wasn't there," he told the Herald.