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Quick-thinking Colin avoids a fall on talk show

COLIN Farrell had to cling onto his collapsing chair during an interview to publicise new film Winter's Tale, on a live US talk show.

Farrell appeared to wobble in his seat at the onset of the interview, which was met with gasps from the crew off-camera, but the good-natured star took it all in his stride, smiling as he said, "It's fine, I got it!"

Viewers would never have guessed that for the duration of the entire interview, Farrell had to stick his legs out rigidly in front of him to prevent his chair toppling over.

However, as the interview concluded, Colin revealed his crafty secret.

"Have you seen my legs?" he laughed. "I've been doing an ab workout for the last five minutes because the seat broke. My lower abs are going to be amazing!"


Colin increased his fitness for the movie, which includes fight scenes with Russell Crowe, and his strength came in handy with the chair incident.

"Spare no expense," Colin laughed, as the camera panned down to a close-up shot of the offending, faulty foot rest, on the directors' style chair.

The Irish hunk had been discussing his latest release in depth, which sees him star alongside former Downton Abbey actress Jessica Brown Findlay. Colin said his role in the movie was "a joy."