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Purefoy defends Ironclad violence

James Purefoy has defended the violence in his latest film Ironclad.

The actor plays Templar Knight Marshall in the film, which tells the story of the Siege of Rochester Castle in 1215.

While he said his 14-year-old son won't be watching the film anytime soon, he defended the violence, which includes men being chopped in half and dismembered.

"I do think the violence is extreme, but if you're going to try and make a film about something that's brutally violent, what's the point of not showing the brutal violence?" he said.

"It was known to be one of the most bloody sieges in the whole of Europe. We don't over-glamorise it or make it sexy, we're just brutally honest."

Incredibly there were no injuries on set, which can't be said of James' previous film, Solomon Kane.

"We were filming this moment where I'm assaulting a castle with a rapier and the idea was to stick it into this butch Hungarian's neck and then drag him along with the top two inches of the sword. But the guy moved at the last second and it went through his cheek and landed on his tongue.

"I was absolutely horrified because I can't bear hurting people. I said, 'I'm so sorry, it's awful' and he said, 'no James, just make the movie a big success, then I can boast'!"

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