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Paddy gets his dream shot with De Niro and Stallone

2FM DJ Paddy McKenna was walking on air after getting to meet Hollywood legends Sylvester Stallone and Robert De Niro.

The presenter says he's now 'best buds' with the duo.

"I feel like we're old buddies – myself, Sly and Bobby," he laughed.

"The first thing Bobby said when I met him was 'top of the morning to ya' and I laughed. I mean this is Jake LaMotta – he can make all the stereotypes he wants," Paddy said.

But the meeting didn't go entirely glitch free. And the presenter found himself in the middle of a publicity cat fight after asking if he could take a picture with the Hollywood icons.

"Before I went into the room this publicist gave me a strict list of things I could and couldn't do or say. One of them was ask for a photo but when I was in there I just had to.

"I had finished the interview and was walking to the door when I asked for a photo. All of a sudden this publicist vaporised through the wall and said 'You cannot ask that.' But Bobby intervened and said in 'Come on – give the guy a shot' in his amazing New York accent. And Stallone said 'It's a once in a lifetime opportunity – let him get a picture.'

"Sly did the old fist pump and Bobby shrugged. I'm delighted with it," McKenna explained.

"They are both lovely guys and were cracking a lot of jokes during the interview and the film was great too."