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Movie ace Lance wows stars with his bedside charm

KISSES director Lance Daly is set to become the next big thing in Hollywood with the release of his latest flick The Good Doctor, starring Orlando Bloom.

The film buff, who made his mark on the industry directing the Irish indie film Kisses, is set to become a Hollywood heavyweight with the release of his latest flick next year.

Kisses has become a hit stateside after a number of successful appearances at US film festivals, and Daly has since become a regular fixture on the circuit -- schmoozing with a number of the biggest names in the industry.

He secured a number of stars for the follow-up flick, including Elvis Presley's granddaughter Riley Keough, who is starring opposite heartthrob Bloom.

The Good Doctor focuses on a young, frustrated doctor looking to impress his superiors and colleagues.

When his 18-year-old patient, admitted for a kidney infection, provides him with the esteem he craves, the doctor tampers with her treatment to keep her in hospital.

Daly secured an impressive cast on the heels of Kisses' success with Lions For Lambs star Michael Pena, former warden on hit show Prison Break Wade Williams and up and coming actor Troy Garity.

Pena will play an orderly who discovers the doctor's budding relationship and blackmails him for prescription painkillers while Garity is a successful, self-assured doctor.

Bloom has become a firm supporter of Irish films in recent months as the Lord Of The Rings hunk is due to begin filming Albert Nobbs in the capital this autumn, as well as filming his latest work with Daly.

Filming began in January of this year in LA and Daly is currently back in town editing the flick and soaking up his free time before becoming one of Hollywood's best known celebrities.


And Daly got some star assistance with Bloom, who recently married Australian lingerie model Miranda Kerr, also acting as producer alongside Jonathan King and Dan Etheridge.

Daly's gritty Dublin film Kisses, which scooped up a number of awards at film festivals in Miami, Toronto and the Galway Film Fleadh.