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Move over K-Stew... Saoirse starring in Twilight writer's new blockbuster

WATCH out Kristen Stewart. Our own Saoirse Ronan (18) will be taking centre stage in the new film written by Twilight's author -- which is already tipped to be a massive blockbuster.

The Herald can reveal how Hollywood is buzzing about the imminent release of sci-fi flick The Host, which was penned by Stephenie Meyer.

Saoirse takes on the dual role of an alien and the human host that it invades in the film, which is due for release in March 2013.

"It's about the world being inhabited by these things called souls, these perfect creatures and they inhabit different planets to perfect them and get rid of any negativity at all," said Saoirse.

"There's no hunger or jealousy or anything at all," she explained.

"I play a soul and a human as well so there's quite a bit to do.

"It was brilliant making it, we shot it in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Loads of films are being made down there now because of the tax breaks and the scenery is amazing."

Saoirse has earned a reputation for taking on meatier roles and has played everything from a murder victim in The Lovely Bones to a young girl who destroys her sister's life by falsely accusing her lover of rape in Atonement.

And the talented youngster, who earned an Oscar nomination for Atonement, is involved in no less than four movies in 2013.

She has signed up to play the main role in Mary Queen of Scots.

The ambitious Carlow native is also involved in Justin And The Knights Of Valour, with Freddie Highmore and Antonio Banderas, and First World War drama Testament Of Youth.

She has also recently filmed How I Live Now, which was set in Wales.