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Love/Hate hunk Robert to crack Hollywood – as a geek


Robert Sheehan in Love/Hate. Photo: RTE

Robert Sheehan in Love/Hate. Photo: RTE

Robert Sheehan in Love/Hate. Photo: RTE

FROM ladies' man to unlucky in love, this is one character that Robert Sheehan isn't used to playing.

Known for his chiselled cheek bones and dark brooding looks, the Love/Hate star made women weak at the knees with his portrayal of troubled bad boy Darren in the hit RTE series.

But Robert (25) says it was an interesting challenge playing the geeky best friend in his latest flick, The Mortal Instruments.

The on-screen blockbuster adaptation of Cassandra Clare's Mortal Instruments: City of Bones hits cinemas in August and is set to make a Hollywood star out of the Portlaoise native.

Robert plays Simon, best friend of lead character, Brooklyn teen Clary Fray, who discovers she has supernatural powers.

"Simon, he's the only normal guy in the whole script in the sense that everyone else had some kind of magical ability, so he's very much the guy who is kind of asking the questions," Robert told MTV.

Simon is in love with Clary, played by Lily Collins, but, as the only character in the movie without special powers, unrequited love is a feeling that Robert had to get used to portraying fast.

"It's very clear from the beginning of the story that Simon is quite desperately in love with his friend," Robert explained.

"And it eventually comes to the fore and they kind of work through it."

It has been a steady rise to fame for the actor, who made his name on gritty drama Misfits.

Mortal Instruments: City of Bones is due for release on August 23.