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Leave our Captain America alone

MARVEL Comics are apparently suing the legendary Captain America's restaurant for breach of copyright, in a story to bring a tear to the eye of anyone who frequented it in their youth.

Because long before fast-food restaurants ever clogged up our high streets and arteries; before takeaway turds in buns masquerading as burgers at one end of the scale, and gourmet, truffle-infused, organic beef patties at the other end ever became part of our daily diet, Captain Americas was the original, and the best.

But apparently the name is based on a cartoon character created by Marvel Comics, and with a movie about the character set to be released in Ireland, the company have decided to take legal action against Captain A's nearly 40 years after it first opened on Grafton Street.

All of which sounds remarkably petty after all these years.

As one of the last remaining links to a more innocent era, on a street which is becoming more and more like just another UK high street, it would be tragedy to see it go.

I'm quite sure that many people never even associated the restaurant's name with a comic character.

Quite the opposite, in fact -- when Captain America the movie opens here later this month, I probably won't be not alone in thinking that it's a movie based on the restaurant, rather than the other way round.