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It's judgement day as Fr Jack gets to decide Mrs Brown's fate in film


 Brendan O'Carroll. Picture: Getty

Brendan O'Carroll. Picture: Getty

Brendan O'Carroll. Picture: Getty

COMEDIAN Brendan O'Carroll has brought Craggy Island to Mrs Brown D'Movie by hiring Father Ted star Frank Kelly.

Kelly – nutty Fr Jack – has told how he plays a High Court judge who ultimately decides the fate of the Dublin matriarch.

Mrs Brown is in court for trying to block developers knocking down Moore Street. But Kelly is keeping schtum on the final outcome.

"I can't say what happens because it would be blowing the ending on a €5m movie," he told the Herald.

Although the courtroom scenes were shot in London, it was a Dublin cast, with Simon Delaney playing counsel for Mrs Brown and fellow Dub Dermot Crowley representing the bad guy builders.

Kelly said he received a hero's welcome from the Mrs Brown cast and crew, who are all Ted fans.

But the popular actor said it was not his first time working with Finglas-born O'Carroll (inset). "We did a pilot for a cookery show once out in Ardmore," he said.

"It was years ago, before Brendan hit the big time. I'm delighted to see him doing so well."

Absolutely Fabulous star Joanna Lumley makes a cameo in the film, which is expected to be in cinemas next June.