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It's hard not to favour the Irish


AWARDS: Jim Sheridan. Photo: Damien Eagers

AWARDS: Jim Sheridan. Photo: Damien Eagers

AWARDS: Jim Sheridan. Photo: Damien Eagers

HE is a six-times Oscar nominee himself, and director Jim Sheridan has admitted he finds it hard not to favour the Irish when casting his vote.

Along with actress Brenda Fricker, Sheridan is one of 6,000 voting members who decide the fortunes of those seeking a coveted golden statue.

The 64-year-old film-maker told the Herald he was hoping to see Michael Fassbender take home the Best Supporting Actor gong for 12 Years A Slave. But he fears that Jared Leto of Dallas Buyers Club could be the one to bag the prize.

"I hope the Irish involved do win, like Michael and the movie Philomena – I love Judi Dench, she's a smashing talent – but they are tough categories," he said.


"I like the Irish, that's obviously where my heart goes, but you can't tell anyone what way you vote."

Having attended the bash several times in his lengthy career, the My Left Foot director said he can relate to what Kerryman Fassbender will be feeling on the night. "You don't enjoy the Oscars when you're nominated, you enjoy them when you're not," he said.

Sheridan hopes to get funding to shoot his passion project, Sheriff Street, the story of his upbringing in inner city Dublin. He wants to line up Saoirse Ronan as the female lead. "I was offered millions from the US before to make it and turned it down at the time. Now it's very hard to get money at all," he said.