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I'm staying single because I'm a celebrity, says Colin Farrell


Colin Farrell

Colin Farrell

Colin Farrell

He's one of the world's most eligible bachelors, but Colin Farrell has revealed he is single because of his celebrity status.

The Dublin actor (38) hasn't dated for four years and he admitted that he hates when he starts seeing someone and they get dragged into the spotlight because of him.

The Lobster star blamed the "nonsense of celebrity" for his struggle to settle down.


"In my life I've had relationships with women that have been pulled into the public eye as a result of the nonsense of celebrity and being close to me, and I hate that and I hated that for them," he said.

"And so that would be just another thing that would lead to my reticence to being in a relationship."

The True Detective actor is in no rush to get into another relationship and admitted he has to tell his friends in couples to leave him and his other single pals alone when it comes to dating.

"I have one friend who has just broken up and he's been in a relationship for six years, and before that he was married for 15 years, and he just broke up and our other shared friends who are in relationships are doggedly pursuing him - 'I have this person you have to meet'," he told Associated Press.

"But I'm just like, 'Just let him (rest.)' And part of me goes, 'Is it that misery loves company?'"