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'I wish I could act as well as Missy', admits proud mum Yvonne Keating


Yvonne Keating with  Missy. Photo: Tony Gavin

Yvonne Keating with Missy. Photo: Tony Gavin

Yvonne Connolly

Yvonne Connolly

Missy Keating

Missy Keating


Yvonne Keating with Missy. Photo: Tony Gavin

Former model Yvonne Connolly is well-used to being put in front of the camera, but she admits she wishes she had her daughter Missy's acting skills.

The mother-of-three (40) is in awe of the 14-year-old's acting prowess and she told the Diary she loves the thought of being on camera.

"I love being on set - there's something amazing about it. It's magic. Some people get bored but I could stand there all day and watch," she said.

"So I wish I was a good actress - if I was, nothing would hold me back."

Although Yvonne isn't so confident about her own acting talents, the statuesque blonde said she has still been offered small parts in films.

"Every movie that Missy has been on, I've been asked to do a walk on part, but they do that a lot on set," she said.

However, Yvonne has turned them down to allow teenager Missy her time in the spotlight.

"They might need someone to run on and say a line. I thought about it for a few minutes and then I said no. I kind of felt like it's [Missy's] thing."

While there may not be a future in film for Yvonne like her actress daughter and cinematographer boyfriend John Conroy, the foodie admitted she would love to open her own homely bistro one day.


"I'd love to [open a restaurant]. Against all the warnings people have given me, there's something in me that I would really like to do it. I think it would be something for me down the road," she said.

Yvonne said her eatery would serve hearty fare - however, she added she would like to take a leaf out of other model food gurus Roz Purcell and Rosanna Davison when it comes to 'clean' cooking.

"I'm very much into home-cooked food. If I said [my restaurant would be] Michelin-starred you'd raise your eyebrow. However, I would like to start cooking a little more healthily," Yvonne said.

"I do a lot of baking and I'm the old school cook that still puts in all the butter and sugar, so the food tastes amazing, but it's not so good for you."

Speaking at the launch of Kellogg's Special K and Down Syndrome Ireland's Buy My Dress campaign, the Kildare native said she's got a taste for cooking since appearing in TV slots over the last few months.

"I've been busy with the kids over the summer and doing a lot of cooking too on Ireland AM and the Seven O'Clock show," she said. "I'm really enjoying it."