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Hollywood so cut-throat, warns Kerry

IF you want to avoid disappointment and heartbreak, Hollywood is not for you, Irish actress Kerry Condon has warned.

The Tipperary star is one of many who have moved to Los Angeles for their career, but is advising hopefuls to stay away and avoid its "cut-throat" mentality.

Condon featured in This Must Be The Place with Sean Penn and Eve Hewson, and opposite Jude Law in Dom Hemingway and with Dustin Hoffman in HBO's Luck.

She is currently in New York filming JJ Abrams' new pilot series, Believe, written by Alfonso Cuaron, the director of Oscar-nominated Gravity.

But despite success, the 30-year-old told the Herald it is tough surviving in Los Angeles.

"There's a lot of anxiety in this job," she said.

"You worry you'll be finished when you hit your 50s, so you spend your whole life concentrating on your face and fretting when it starts ageing.

"People sell the idea that when you get work all life is great, but that's not the case.

"I've been lucky with some jobs, but that's rare and it's not easy – even if you're lucky, you have to consistently improve yourself.


"I wouldn't encourage people to do it – it's lonely."

Condon moved to New York six years ago and then to Los Angeles after landing a part as a horse trainer in Luck.

However, the series was axed during filming of its second season last year after three horses died on set.

"If I had gone to LA without that job lined up, I would've been very anxious," Condon said.

With Luck cancelled, she had to go back to the auditioning process.

"Women, in particular, have to try out," she said. "I suspect it's because male directors want to see all the women who want to be in their movie – it's an ego boost, but I hope I'm wrong, or just being cynical."