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Helena thanks Brad Pitt for career

Helena Bonham Carter reckons she owes Brad Pitt for the most interesting part of her career.

The actress was hailed "the corset queen" after starring in a number of successful period dramas, A Room With A View, Lady Jane and Howards End.

Then in 1998 she was nominated for an Oscar for The Wings Of The Dove and the chance to prove her diversity showed itself.

"There's a crazy window, in between when you get nominated and the Oscars ceremony, when you get offered everything under the sun, however unsuitable," she said.

One such offer was Fight Club - and it was Brad Pitt who suggested she play the dissolute Marla Singer.

"I guess Fight Club was the most unsuitable part and I thought, 'Good on you Brad' and decided to go for it," she said.

"I loved the humour and I loved the part. I like anyone who's dysfunctional. I'm always attracted to people who are sick or mentally different."

It's a fascination she shares with her mother, who trained to be a psychotherapist after undergoing therapy for her depression.

"We interpret it in different ways. Mum tries to get people through it and I act it out, but we both think, 'How on earth did that person end up like that?'", Helena said.

Helena can be seen in The King's Speech, which is out in cinemas now.

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