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Have you got what it takes to star as the next Mary Queen of Scots on TV?

GREAT Scot! After the success of The Vikings and Game of Thrones, another million-dollar TV series will be going into production on Irish shores later this year.

Period drama Reign, which chronicles the teenage years of Mary Queen of Scots, will be shot in Ireland later this year.

The pilot is being described as a "fantastical re-imagining" full of high drama and sex.

And now producers of the show are looking to cast Irish wannabe actors and extras for the show.

The pilot is being filmed and produced by Ardmore Studios and casting agents have put out the call for actors of "all ages, shapes and sizes".

It has yet to be announced where exactly filming for Reign will take place.

Ardmore is holding an open casting call at the Radisson Blu Hotel in Galway next Friday, March 22.

The pilot is being produced by American network CW – the cable channel behind smash hit television series, America's Next Top Model and Beverly Hills 90210.


Reign will have a slightly more feminine vibe then other period dramas and is being described as a cross between Game Of Thrones and Sofia Coppola's 2006 film Marie Antoinette, starring Kirsten Dunst.

So viewers can expect less bloodshed and more bouffant hairdos.

The series follows the young queen and her three best friends and ladies-in-waiting when they arrive in France.

The teenage Mary (15) is betrothed to Prince Francis and the series follows the teenage queen as she faces dark forces, French Courts and sexual predators.

The American producers want the series to feature a cast of relatively unknown actors and 22-year-old Australian actress Adelaide King has been cast in the lead role.

According to industry insiders, the production means big things for the Irish film industry.

Last year The Vikings brought over €20m in revenue into the country while Ripper Street brought in €8m.