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Hanging on to the will to live

From a cinematic point of view, having to stay with one person in one place for pretty much an entire film can be a little challenging for an audience.

Every now and then, though, a film comes along that proves Hollywood wrong, wringing an incredible amount of spills, thrills and tears out of a very confined space.

When Aron Ralston's incredible story first hit the headlines back in April 2003, Hollywood ears pricked up immediately. Only Ralston wasn't interested. Or, more to the point, he was incredibly wary.

It would be seven years before Ralston's story would make it to the big screen.

You could understand the attraction -- the story of an athletic young man who liked nothing better than to head out into the wilds. A solo mountain-climbing expedition in the sprawling Blue John Canyon in Utah involved a fall that resulted in Aaron's right arm being wedged solid behind an 800lb chalkstone boulder.

It would take Ralston five days -- 127 hours -- to finally realise his only escape was to hack off his own arm with a blunt penknife.

127 Hours is in cinemas now