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'Force' with lucky few called for a second audition

NEARLY 2,700 wannabe Jedi Warriors showed up at the Star Wars auditions in Croke Park at the weekend.

Many came brandishing lightsabers, others were dressed in full wookie gear, but only 157 made it to the call-backs.

Half-Swedish actress Zoe Smedberg (21) from Coleraine travelled down from the North early yesterday to stand in line.

"I was here at 6am – I'm a bit of a keen bean," she said.

"When I made it through I was delighted. I'm just going to try my best."


The producers of the new Star Wars film are looking for the next Princess Leia or Padme Amidala, but young actress Eponine Leahy (19) from Howth thinks she is perfect for the role of heroine Rachel, an orphan who grew up on the streets of a tough town.

"I've only watched one of the Star Wars films because my boyfriend made me, but I thought I would wing it and see how it goes," she said.

"I was nervous going in for the first round – my palms were sweating. It would be incredible to get it."

Model Daryl McCormack (22), from Tipperary, said he would love to be the next Luke Skywalker.

"It would change my life, but even getting this far has been incredible," he said.

Luke Aston (18), from Cork, auditioned for the part of Thomas.

"I got the bus at 5am this morning," he said.

"I'm a massive Star Wars fan. The first film I ever saw in a cinema was the Phantom Menace so this means a lot to me."

"The response has been incredible," said Maureen Ryan of Disney. "There's a real buzz about the place."