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Film Review: Predators

Robert Rodriguez has had an extremely disappointing decade so far, alternating between largely unconvincing kids' movies and the folly that was the Grindhouse project with his mate Quentin Tarantino.

Here, Rodriguez dons his producer's hat for a reboot of the Predator franchise. The 1987 original by John McTiernan was a cracking and largely underrated movie in which Arnold Schwarzenegger and a black ops Special Forces unit encounter a deadly alien in the Guatemalan jungle and don't come out of it too well.

Director Nimrod Antal opens with a shot of Adrien Brody's character hurtling earthwards and struggling to open his parachute. On landing he's joined by a sniper (Alice Braga), a Mexican drug cartel enforcer (Danny Trujo), a racist serial killer (Walton Goggins) and a doctor (Topher Grace) -- and they discover they're not on Earth but have been abducted by aliens and placed on a distant planet.

The essential premise is very simple; as Royce (Brody) puts it early on: "This planet is a game reserve -- and we're the game." So we have a straightforward match-up of humans and supremely skilled killer aliens and, well, that's just about it really.

Essentially, Predators is a very straightforward shoot-'em-up B-movie which doesn't pretend to be anything it's not and, as such, isn't the worst way to pass 90 minutes. HHHII