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Fassbender aiming to take off with Alien

MICHAEL Fassbender has confirmed himself as one of Hollywood's biggest rising stars by landing a lead role in a new Ridley Scott blockbuster.

The Killarney man (33) is quickly rising through the ranks of the film industry, landing a string of high-profile roles, and will soon be taking on big budget flick Prometheus alongside Oscar winning actress Charlize Theron and The Wire star Idris Elba.

He is becoming one of the most marketable actors in the industry and is currently starring in the X-Men prequel, alongside Mad Men star January Jones and a string of other big names.

But it is his latest role in the highly anticipated Alien prequel that is expected to send his career skyrocketing.

"I'm really looking forward to stepping into a Ridley sci-fi world," Michael explained.

"The script is really intelligent and has a nice pace to it. Plus, if I'm honest with you, I sort of approach my work as a fan. I'm a massive movie fan and I like to go on an adventure ride as much as I like to see something that has a bit of social commentary to it.

"It's a different story, but it's also got the traditional roots. Alien fans will recognise things in it. It's not ignoring Alien, there's still a link to that world. But it's a different story. It's definitely connected, though.

"There's action in it, but the intelligence is what struck me when I read it. It's more sort of like the original ones. There are things happening and building, and the intelligence of the first two-thirds of the film gets you ready for the action."