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Fab Four are back as movie zombies

The Beatles are to be transformed into zombies for a new movie.

Film bosses have snapped up the rights to a book that casts the Fab Four as flesh-eaters called Paul Is Undead.

The book, by Alan Goldsher, is being brought to life by movie company Double Feature, whose bosses produced Pulp Fiction and Erin Brockovich.

In the book a zombie John Lennon kills his bandmate Paul McCartney and the rest of the group who all come back as the undead.

They kill and eat the brains of fans while trying to evade their nemesis, zombie killer Mick Jagger.

Stacey Sher, of Double Feature, said: "How can you not love a book where Jesus agrees with zombie John Lennon, that the Beatles are in fact bigger than him?"