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DVD Review

Sci-fi Gravity

A strange one, this. Early word of mouth was saying this was a spectacular movie, with some of the greatest special effects since 2001: A Space Odyssey.

But then came the backlash, with the view that it's a pile of pants.

What is undeniable, though, is that Children of Men director Alfonso Cuarón, has created a movie that is spellbinding to look at, more incredible than any sci-fi movie in recent times.

Playing as if its in real time, Gravity opens with astronaut Matt Kowalski (George Clooney) and scientist Ryan Stone (Sandra Bullock) on a spacewalk and in constant contact with Shariff (Phaldut Sharma) at the ship.


It's all going swimmingly, Clooney, sorry Kowalski, full of chat-up lines while Stone is a standard-issue cooky Bullock character, with the backstory trying to take some attention off the views of Earth and onto the characters (it doesn't work).

When fast-moving debris from a exploded Russian space station comes hurtling at them, it's soon a slow space race to safety.

Their shuttle destroyed and a comrade dead, Kowalski and Stone are on their own, with only a jetpack to get them to the International Space Station.

It might have been a better movie without two stellar leads, and the storyline is a poor second best to the views. But for the scene in which Bullock spins stomach-churningly over our world, this is a must-rent movie.

DVD Extras: It's worth buying the Blu-Ray, given that the makers haven't waited for a collector's edition to bring us lots of goodies.

We've got nine making-of featurettes. Excellent.

> Mark Evans