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DVD Review


runner runner

Starring Justin Timberlake and Ben Affleck, Runner Runner looks like a slick thriller. But it's largely forgettable fare. It begins with Richie Furst (Timberlake) down on his luck and struggling to pay his university fees at Princeton.

He gets fellow students into online gambling – for a cut – but falls foul of the university authorities and an online scam by a company run by the shadowy Ivan Block (Affleck) where the software is rigged to ensure no one beats the bank.

Flying to Costa Rica to confront Block, he catches the eye of the young mega-millionaire and is offered a job helping with his website, for which he'll pay him millions.

What follows is a tale of excess as Furst is treated to yachts, parties and even Block's hot ex, Rebecca Shafran (Gemma Arterton).

But the good times don't last, and soon ruthless FBI agent Shavers (Anthony Mackie) blackmails Furst into bringing Block to justice, while Block himself is using Furst for his dirty work as he gets him beaten up and scares him into silence by showing what he does to enemies.


As life begins to unravel, Furst discovers that all of Block's old partners end up in jail or dead, leading to the best part of the movie – an OTT but nicely constructed payback twist.

It's a shame to see Affleck and Timberlake waste their time on a decidedly average effort.

DVD extras: The first featurette, about the real world of the billion dollar gambling industry, is interesting, while the single deleted scene is nothing to write home about.

> Mark Evans