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DVD Review


The Frozen Ground

BASED on real life events, The Frozen Ground isn't the kind of movie for those of us who like a whodunit.

Nearly from the off we know the identity of the serial killer who terrorised Alaska over 30 years ago – the trick here is proving it.

John Cusack isn't the kind of actor you'd expect to see as the creepy killer – but he pulls it off with aplomb.

Our hero here is State Trooper Jack Halcombe (Nicolas Cage) who won't relent until he sees Cusack's family man/nut job Robert Hansen behind bars.

It can be a bit slow at times, but the shock value here isn't in the murders but in the slow response of law enforcement, with Hansen, despite a string of prior sex crime convictions, able to flout justice.

The key to the case is a young prostitute (Vanessa Hudgens) who escaped Hansen's clutches, she's self destructive, and, to be honest, tiresome – but she does tie the strands together.


But don't expect a ticking clock and a girl about to be murdered – the plot here isn't sensationalised, it's merely a look at methodical forensic work and one man's refusal to let the case lie.

It's easy to see why this went straight to video – it hasn't got the drama of a CSI or a Criminal Minds, and the serial killer, if anything, is dull and ordinary – until he has a young girl in his clutches.

But if you want a smart, superior thriller look no further.

Extras: Making of, deleted scenes, audio commentary, and theatrical trailer.

> Mark Evans