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DVD Review



IT'S a new genre of its own – the White House being taken over by terrorists.

Hot on the heels of Olympus Has Fallen comes White House Down.

And while it's equally silly, this time there's just enough humour and madness to make it a better rental than the gung-ho Olympus.

Here, former US Army soldier John Cale (Channing Tatum) is down on his luck. After leaving the army, he got a job protecting the speaker of the House of Congress as a favour for saving the speaker's son in action.

He's looking for a better job – but recruiting agent Finnerty (Maggie Gyllenhaal) thinks he's too much of a maverick and turns him down.

Luckily though while he's in the White House terrorists blow up the US Capitol building as a diversion and seize the White House.

In another Die Hard rip-off, only Cale can save the day as he singlehandely takes on mercenaries, nut cases and a traitor in the ranks of the Secret Service.


Jamie Foxx plays the wise-cracking US President, whose plan to pull troops out of the Middle East has unleashed this chain of events where the far right want to stage a coup d'etat and nuke Iran.

From the director of Independence Day, it's nutty enough to make the former look like a documentary, but it's a thrilling enough rental ride.

DVD extras: Go for Blu-ray, with a DVD copy of the movie, UltraViolet code, and featurettes on the stunts and how the White House was recreated for the film. Oh, and there's a gag reel if you weren't laughing your ass off.

> Mark Evans