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Demi and the duchess prove taking a toyboy seldom pays

So as Demi Moore (48) and her much younger husband Ashton Kutcher (33) continue to be subjected to media reports that their six-year marriage is over, it was interesting to read about the 85-year-old Duchess of Alba, a Spanish aristocrat, who has just wed a 61-year-old "fit civil servant with dashing matinee-idol looks".

The age difference is almost the same but that is where the similarities end as the duchess is worth a fortune estimated at ¤3.5bn that includes palaces and jewellery that would make any insurance broker go weak at the knees. Her new hubby is simply not in the same financial league as his new bride.

The Hollywood alliance of Moore and Kutcher is more even when it comes to the financial stakes as they are both reportedly worth in and around the same ball park.

Yet, no one would have ever bet their house on that marriage lasting.

The incessant tweets were a little too much for most of us normal folk to stomach. Even now they seem to be enjoying their break-up via the social networking site.

The back and forth is a mite boring at this stage.

The pertinent question is this though: can a women who is significantly older than her man expect the relationship to last?


I suppose anything is possible but realistically, from what I have seen it only works the other way around. At 33, Kutcher will want babies. At 48, it is difficult for Moore, even with all her millions, to conceive them -- and does she even want them after having three with her ex Bruce Willis?

I remain resolutely old-school in my thinking that older men and younger women will always work in one fashion or another. But when it comes to older woman and younger man territory -- call the relationship cops and separate them.