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Crime thriller set in Dublin to start filming soon

A CRIME thriller set in Dublin will be filmed in the city in the coming weeks.

Actors Simon Delaney and Liam Carney will join Fair City regulars Tommy O'Neill and Tony Tormey in an ensemble of more than a dozen actors for the shooting of the drama Spider's Trap.

The movie, by award-winning director Alan Walsh, is set to make extensive use of backstreets in central Dublin in a 16 day shoot beginning on January 25.

An uplifting story of a talented musician trying to escape his criminal past, Spider's Trap will have aspects of a heist movie with the central character being forced to use his old safe-cracking skills by a criminal who kidnapped his daughter.

"It won't be another Love/Hate. It will be shot in black and white and have the feel of the old gangster movies," said director Alan Walsh.

"The cast and crew are very enthusiastic to start filming and we are hoping to win a big film distribution deal once the rough cuts are completed," he said.

Glen Baker, son of Irish blues legend Don Baker, plays the main character.

An outstanding harmonica player like his father, Baker will perform four songs in the movie which is feature a number of musical performances in nightclub and concert scenes.


Simon Delaney will play a wise-cracking security guard working for a jewellery firm and provide some of the humour in the story.

Walsh, who also wrote the film script, directed the successful short film What If which won the best director and best short film awards at the 2006 Los Angeles International Film and Video Festival and the best director award at the New York International Film and Video Festival in the same year.

He has been a stunt man and stunt coordinator on several movies during his 28 year career in film.

He has worked closely with several top directors, including John Boorman, Neil Jordan, Mel Gibson, Alan Parker and Ron Howard, he also served as Second Unit Director for the Fox TV series Mystic Knights.