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Count on Bean to save a crime spree

tHAT dollar sign in the title instantly tells me that this is going to be a $hit movie, but a few decent performances save a thriller that makes CSI: Miami look believable.

In this era of the credit crunch, who wouldn't walk away with a suitcase filled with hundreds of thousands of dollars?

That's just what Sam Phelan (Star Trek's Chris Hemsworth) and wife Leslie (Victoria Profeta) do after the suitcase lands on Sam's already beaten-up car in rush-hour Chicago.

And there is some fun along the way. And I reckon that a lot of people with mortgage issues will just love the scene where the bank manager is about to foreclose on Leslie, who's behind on the payments and with Sam nowhere to be seen.

But into the office steps Sam, with his newfound cash, dumping a wad of it on the desk and telling the snooty suit to stick it where the sun doesn't shine. Delicious.

But dirty money has a way of messing you up, and the couple embark on a foolish spending spree which will unwittingly land them in hot water.

You see, the problem is that the money's owned by Reeve Kubic (Sean Bean), a banged-up criminal who chucked away the cash while being pursued by the cops -- and he wants it back.

He flies in his fellow crim brother, twin Pyke (Sean Bean again), who promises him a cut if he tracks down the loot.

Incredibly, in a city as big as Chicago, Pyke does just that, by merely tracking down anyone who's spending wads of cash on flash cars.

And the Phelans have done just that -- buying an SUV with their fistful of dollars.

And that's where it gets really silly, as Pyke gets the couple to pay back every cent of the $74,000 they've already blown by performing a series of hold-ups.

The acting's good -- Sean Bean is always watchable, even though I can't think of anyone in the north of England who would be called Pyke Kubic.

Quirky and very silly, it's worth taking the ride but it won't live long in the memory.