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Cooper: No Sheen in Hangover 2

Bradley Cooper has confirmed Charlie Sheen will not be making a guest appearance in The Hangover 2.

It was previously rumoured that the troubled Two And A Half Men star would have a cameo in Todd Phillips' sequel, but Bradley - who reprises his role as fun-loving Phil - rubbished the reports.

"Charlie Sheen is not in Hangover Part 2," he said.

Bradley, whose latest film is Limitless alongside Robert De Niro, was excited to return for the Hangover follow-up, along with Zach Galifinakis, Ed Helms, Justin Bartha, Ken Jeong - and Mike Tyson.

"We wrapped it on January 1st. (I felt) it was more excitement, just the experience of being able to play Phil again and being in Bangkok with those guys and the script was actually better than the first one. I loved shooting it," he continued.

"It's like I'm part of some sort of petrie dish, it's kind of an interesting experiment this whole movie and we're in the second phase of clinical trials. It does feel like that, like what can happen. I'm so proud of what we did on the second one. It's so crazy."

The Hangover: Part II, set for release on May 27, takes the four friends to Bangkok for "crazy" antics.

"It's outrageous - there's a drug-dealing monkey, it's so insane, but we played it real and I think that's why the first one was so palatable because I want to be part of the woolpack as a viewer, because I believed it," he said.

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