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Clooney plays with the assassin's creed

It's amazing how a movie can divide viewers. My friends hated George Clooney's latest flick. Me? I loved it. Maybe it was because I saw it on a long-haul flight, and had nothing better to do. Maybe I've got some subconscious crush. Or maybe it was the voluptuous hooker and female assassin that swung my opinion.

Clooney plays ace assassin and gun maker Jack, who's taking time out from killing to spend time with lover Ingrid in a remote part of Sweden. The tranquillity is shattered by a sniper's bullet, with the would-be killer taking shots at the lovers.

Jack takes him out, astonishing his unsuspecting girlfriend. With his cover blown, he decides to end their relationship and puts a bullet in her head -- and you thought dumping by text was bad.

He flees to Rome and contacts his creepy boss, Pavel, who advises him to hide out in a remote part of Italy.

Deciding to take a detour, he ends up in the town of Castel del Monte, befriends Fr Benedetto (Paolo Bonacelli), an elderly priest, and starts bedding the local hooker.

To keep himself busy in this sleepy town he takes on a job from Pavel, training sexy would-be killer Mathilde (Thelka Reuten) to shoot. But he starts to mellow and become almost human with the sagely advice of the priest and the love of his beautiful hooker-turned-girlfriend.

The American is very silly in parts, and the ham-fisted, and unknown, reasons to bump off Jack verge on the hilarious.

It's also a very slow movie, with Clooney pouting seriously throughout. But it does eventually build to a decent climax, and it's one of the few movies where the characters are allowed to develop without a car chase every five minutes.

Beautifully shot by director Anton Corbijn, it's a slow burner that's worth it.

DVd Extras: Not much, just a behind-the-scenes featurette, deleted scenes and commentary from director/photographer Anton Corbijn.