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Clinton film stars clash on cut Lewinsky scene

Dennis Quaid and Hope Davis, who star as Bill and Hillary Clinton in a new film, have had a civilised difference of opinion about a Monica Lewinsky-driven quarrel that was edited out.

Quaid thinks the clash should have remained in The Special Relationship, which focuses on Bill Clinton and then-British Prime Minister Tony Blair.

Davis is relieved it was cut from the HBO movie that debuts this weekend in the US.

"We shot a really good scene but I'm happy it was left out," said Davis.

In a preview copy of the film, Bill Clinton is shown confessing to his wife that he lied about his dalliance with White House intern Lewinsky.

Davis's Hillary listens stoically, and the scene ends without the ensuing row that was filmed.

"It put them in such a vulnerable place. I don't want to see them, I don't want to see her, in that position," Davis said. "We know all we need to know. We know how it wrecked his presidency and how hard it was for them to get through."

Ultimately, she said, she thinks the filmmakers and HBO wanted to be sure the film stood up to scrutiny and avoided allegations of inaccuracy or treating the Clintons disrespectfully.

HBO said the shots that were trimmed weren't vital to the movie that is primarily about Bill Clinton and Blair.

Quaid, who once spent a weekend at the Clinton White House and golfed with the president, believes the confrontation was fair game and of dramatic value.

"I think it captured the spirit of the relationship and that's the most important thing," he said.

"People are fascinated by (screenwriter) Peter Morgan's work because we get to be a fly on the wall behind closed doors."