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Chance meeting with Leo leads to Hollywood role for Dublin actor


Leonardo Di Caprio

Leonardo Di Caprio

Leonardo Di Caprio

A Dublin actor is set to star in a new movie alongside Hollywood legend Leonardo DiCaprio.

Peter Vollebregt, recently seen in This is Nightlive, has been asked to play the role of Kevin McClory, the co-writer and producer of the James Bond film Thunderball.

The Dublin man got the dream role after meeting DiCaprio during an event to promote the American's film Blood Diamond. And after hitting it off, the Hollywood star offered him the chance of a lifetime.

"It's in the development stage," says the Irish actor, who nailed the part as a result of a dinner with Leo in LA.

"My wife is a TV presenter and was doing a press junket thing for Blood Diamond, and I went over to LA with her. She was invited to a dinner and I went along.

"It was a business dinner and I got chatting with Leo.


"He's a really, really nice guy. There's none of the big star thing about him."

"I mentioned that I knew Kevin McClory and that interested him.

"Everyone's an actor in LA, and you don't want to be in their faces."

Peter says McClory saw potential to make money out of the Bond books in the movies, and he and Ian Fleming got together."

"They hacked out a story but Fleming got bored with the lengthy process of film making, and he went off to write a book and based the story on the screenplay.

"When McClory got wind of this he sued Fleming. It was the biggest showbiz case at the time."