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Bridges unprepared for crazy Oscars

Jeff Bridges may be front runner for the Best Actor gong at this year's Oscars, but the star reckons he hasn't been very prepared for this year's awards season.

"You'd think I'd be more prepared for this, but every time I walk down that red carpet, and those lights, it seems to get more and more crazy," he told the press at this year's Academy Awards Nominees Luncheon in Beverly Hills.

"I'm not prepared for any of it really."

The actor is nominated for his role as alcoholic country musician Bad Blake in romantic drama Crazy Heart, and admitted he would like to make more music in the future.

"Playing with all those crazy musicians was really a joy, so I'm primed up to do some more music," he said.

"I'm doing a movie starting next month - True Grit with the Cohen Brothers which is going to take all of my energy. But after that I'd like to get some music going."

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