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Brave Aggy is Hollywood's latest model

Naomi, Cindy, Tyra and Gisele; all superstars on the catwalk, and all epic super flops at the box office. Rarely is the transition from fashion to film a success and these attempts periodically result in humiliating errors in judgment, for all involved. Anyone catch Crawford's turn as a 'brilliant' defence attorney in nineties schlock, Fair Game? Campbell as a phone sex operator in Girl 6? Elle Macpherson in, well, anything? Shame because those 'performances' are pure comedy gold, of the accidental variety.


Agyness Deyn knows she's making a brave move but the elfin beauty is undeterred. Taking on her first lead role in Luis Prieto's low-budget remake of Nicolas Refn's cult Danish classic, Pusher, she's prepared for the inevitable criticism.

"It's going to happen, isn't it," she shrugs, resigned to the reality of her ballsy venture. "Everyone has their critics but with this move, there's an immediate pre-conception. I'm acting now, because I love acting. It feels right to me and that's all that matters."

A defining catwalker of a generation, Deyn's angular symmetry, doe eyes and rebellious peroxide mane created a new queen of couture overnight.

Now the Lancashire lass, born a decidedly less exotic Laura Hollins, has turned her back on the fashion set for a challenge outside her comfort zone. "Acting wasn't an ambition of mine but for a while, I was yearning for something new, I was bored and wanted a new challenge. And when I got a small part in the Clash of the Titans remake, playing the goddess Aphrodite, it was like, 'Yes, I've found it'."

Working opposite Liam Neeson as Zeus in the 2010 mythical epic seemed to leave a lasting impression on the novice. "I shared most of my scenes with Liam and he is beyond amazing, his presence was so inspiring.

"How he commands a scene, with this booming voice and stature. And then they yell 'cut' and he transforms into the nicest, humblest man you could ever meet."

In Pusher, Aggy plays impossibly chic stripper, Flo, a gutsy survivor who is pushed to the edge by her drug-dealing other half, played by a brooding Richard Coyle (W.E). After a series of his dodgy transactions leaves the pair targets of atypically nasty barons, Flo must decide if she can stand by her man.

"This girl is an enigma," Deyn explains "You want to hug her as she seems so trusting, maybe a little naive or at least that's the perception she gives but she is so intelligent, she's a survivor.

"I'm such a massive fan of Nicolas Refn, from Bronson to Drive but Luis [Prieto, the director] was making an adaptation of the original so I made sure not to watch it. It was our interpretation; I didn't want to be swayed. And I'm so proud of Pusher, it's a terrifically dark film, made on this small budget but it has a heart and a story that's so enticing and capturing."


The former face of Burberry, who'll next star in Peter Mullan's period drama, Sunset Song, even went so far as to shadow an exotic dancer in preparation for the role. "They're Olympic athletes, it's an art. I class it as an invaluable lesson learned."

Earlier this year, Deyn (29) shocked showbiz circles after tying the knot with actor Giovanni Ribisi, best known as Phoebe's brother, Frank in Friends. "We're incredibly private people, who go about our lives privately," she bristles, uneasy with personal questions. "Both of us are just really low-key and we live in America! There are far more famous people to get excited about over there."

Pusher is in cinemas now