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Bono's girl shows she's not afraid to pay her dues in student movie

She may be the daughter of the biggest rock star in the world, but Bono's girl Eve Hewson is willing to climb her way up the work ladder like everyone else.

As this never before seen images show, the brunette beauty (19) has always had a penchant for acting -- and didn't start off doing Hollywood blockbusters.

Although she recently landed a starring role opposite Sean Penn and Frances McDormand in the upcoming flick This Must Be The Place, she earned her acting chops in this low budget student film three years ago.

The arthouse flick, entitled Jorma's Blind Date, was filmed when Eve was just 16 years old, as part of an assignment at the New York Film Academy.

She studied there briefly during the summer of 2008 and starred in the project alongside her fellow classmates as part of the curriculum.


The film is a short, silent movie which tells the story of a young woman waiting for a blind date.

Soon after, she starred in the indie flick The 27 Club, which was honoured at the 2008 Tribeca Film Festival.

Although she may be one of Hollywood's hottest up-and-comers thanks to the flick alongside Penn and landing a famous boyfriend in the form of One Tree Hill actor James Lafferty, Eve has proven that she is not above paying her dues.

Eve also nabbed a coveted role as the lead in The Script's music video For The First Time last year, where she plays a homesick Irish girl living in New York.

"It was the director's idea to approach Eve. We'd seen her showreel and she's a fellow Irish person, so we thought, 'Yeah'," singer Danny O'Donoghue said.

Sources close to the actress have described her as being "no shrinking violet" and "anything but shy".