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Bono lives it up at Oscar bashes with new best mates Michael and Steve

U2 FRONTMAN Bono has spoken of how proud he is about performing the band's song Ordinary Love at the Oscars ceremony.

The song, which features in the biopic Nelson Mandela: Long walk to Freedom, was belted out by the 53-year-old singer last night.

The biggest names in the industry have descended upon Hollywood for the 86th Academy Awards – where U2's track was nominated in the Best Original Song category.

And Bono has spoken of his pride to be able to perform the song in front of an international TV audience running into the hundreds of millions.

He told TV3's Xpose: "The Mandela film was very present around the world. In the United States, it [the film] didn't have such a strong presence ... but it's just great to play it.


"People don't know this but from going back in our teenage years in Dublin, the anti-apartheid thing was really big in Dublin and we did our first anti-apartheid benefit, so we've been working for Mandela for a long time, so it means a great deal to us."

The U2 frontman and his band mates have been staying in LA and enjoying a string of celebrity parties in the lead up to last night's lavish ceremony.

And in between rehearsals for the show, the father-of-four and his wife Ali Hewson have been letting their hair down with 12 Years A Slave star Michael Fassbender, as well as comedian Steve Coogan, who is behind Philomena.

"I got a chance to hang out with [Michael] and he is fantastic – he is someone that you or I would love to bump into if you were out of an evening. He's just great fun," said the Beautiful Day singer.

Speaking to TV3's Xpose, Bono described Steve Coogan as "Irish in every other way".

"I've been meeting him; I met him at the Golden Globes at the Palm Springs Festival so I'm getting to know Steve," he said.

"I was a big fan of Steve Coogan for years and years, so it's great when you meet someone and they're not actually an ass, they're even better than you imagined."

Bono attended last night's extravaganza with his other half, while Kerry man Michael Fassbender brought his mother and sister.