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Bond girl Alison Doody: I'm still on the lookout for my soulmate


Alison Doody

Alison Doody

Alison Doody in A View to a Kill

Alison Doody in A View to a Kill


Alison Doody

She's one of the country's most beautiful actresses, but Alison Doody has said she is still on the lookout for her "soul mate".

The one-time Bond girl, who played Jenny Flex in A View To A Kill, was previously married to businessman Gavin O'Reilly and recently split from fiance Tadgh Geary, but she said she has yet to find 'the one'.

"I have never really had my heart fully broken. I would like to have that great love. I don't think I have met my soul mate. And maybe I never will," she said.

She may lead a glamorous lifestyle, but the newly- single screen siren said that the most important thing she looks for in a man is friendship, as "you can't buy happiness".

"I have had it all. I have flown on private jets," Alison said.

"I have had the great fortune of being able to go to wonderful places and do lots of shopping in places like Brown Thomas but that it is not what it is all about.

"I say it to my girls [daughters Alanna and Lauren]. It is not about wealth."

The actress admitted to cutting out bread from her diet and working out five times a week in order to keep her famous looks, but she insisted she has no worries about growing older and "cares less" as the years go on.


"Turning 50 is definitely a change in a lot of ways. I don't chase fashion any more, I dress age-appropriate. I have experienced more, so definitely I start to care a little less," she told a Sunday newspaper.

"I don't think you can worry about getting older. You do the very best for yourself and after that you just have to let go."

However, Dublin native Alison also admitted she was left hurt after reading nasty comments online trolls made about her looks.

"I made the big mistake once of googling myself. I came across comments where they were l saying I had aged terribly, and then I have been complimented," she said.

"But I am older. There is no hiding it. I just try to look as best as I can for me. You can't sweat the small stuff."