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Bloody TV expose Knuckle hits Australia

IT was the documentary that got everyone talking -- and now Knuckle is set to go on sale Down Under.

The documentary will be released on DVD in Australia on March 28.

Demand for the film is expected to be high thanks to the large Irish community there.

The documentary is the end result of 12 years of filming and is the life story of Irish Traveller James Quinn McDonagh, a former bare-knuckle boxer.

The film, which was directed and filmed by Ian Palmer, has won the praise of critics and audiences around the world.

The raw and sometimes shocking footage shows how men's faces are ripped apart with vicious blow after vicious blow in the underground sport.

The film was feted at last year's Sundance Film Festival and Palmer has travelled the world since promoting it.

It is also believed that American channel HBO is keen to re-work it into a TV series.

Speaking ahead of its DVD release in Australia, Palmer said he would keep in touch with the Quinn McDonaghs.

Meanwhile the documentary's James Quinn McDonagh has recently released a book of the same name -- Knuckle -- which talks about his life before and after the documentary.

"I've gone from fighting on the side of the road, to walking along in downtown Manhattan," he added.

"I'm trying to be a better person and be more of a spokesperson for bare-knuckle boxing."