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Bieber wants Oliver Twist role

Justin Bieber has revealed he would like to play Oliver Twist.

The teen idol, who has already shown his acting skills on US TV crime series CSI, is keen to portray the street urchin in a remake of the 1968 classic musical, but would need to work on his English accent first.

"I'd love to play Oliver Twist - I can do it (the accent) a little bit, but I'm not amazing at it. When I try it, it sometimes comes out a bit Australian," he told The Sun.

Justin, who has become one of the most influential stars around the world, reckons he can draw on his impoverished childhood as research for the part. The Canadian singer was brought up by his mum single-handedly after his dad walked out, and they stayed in low-income housing.

"That place was really dirty. We had mousetraps everywhere because there were mice in the house. I didn't have a real bed. I slept on a blue pull-out couch in my room," he recalled.

"We didn't have anything in the fridge, except maybe luncheon meat for school and macaroni and cheese."

Barney Clarke last played the orphan in Roman Polanski's 2005 big-screen adaptation of Charles Dickens' novel, while Alex Trench portrayed Oliver in the Disney version in 1997.

Mark Lester's performance in the title role in Oliver! has remained the most successful to date, scooping six Oscars including Best Picture in 1969.

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