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Back to the source of Military mind games

SOURCE CODE Sci-fi. Starring Jake Gyllenhaal, Michelle Monaghan. Directed by Duncan Jones. >Mark Evans

Versatile actor Jake Gyllenhaal is back on top form in this entertaining sci-fi romp that's up there with the best for baffling you.

He plays US Army helicopter pilot Colter Stevens -- whose last memories are of an Afghanistan mission -- who wakes up on a train heading to Chicago.

It gets more bizarre when he discovers that other passengers, including travelling partner Christina Warren (Michelle Monaghan), thinks he's Sean Fentress, a school teacher.

And things come to a head when the train explodes, killing everyone aboard and derailing both it and another train coming in the opposite direction.

Waking up again in a cockpit, he discovers that he's the guinea pig of the Source Code project.

In the Source Code, he can live the final eight minutes of another person's life in an alternate timeline.


His mission is to find out who planted the train bomb in a race against time to stop a nuclear device being detonated in downtown Chicago.

Going back again and again into the Source Code he eliminates suspects onboard the train.

And he's got another good reason to complete the mission; his body is actually on a life support machine after a mission in Afghanistan, and he wants to die.

But, as with all military experiments, there's dirty tricks afoot and no one can be trusted.

And there's also the distraction of the gorgeous Christina, and a battle of the heart about whether to try and save her.

Full of twists and turns, with some spectacular special effects, it can be a bit muddled at times but it's a rollercoaster train ride.

DVD EXTRAS Audio commentary by director Duncan Jones and star Jake Gyllenhaal, interviews, expert opinions on time travel, trivia, and more.