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Angelina for Tomb Raider reboot?

Tomb Raider is set to be remade into a series of new films, although it's not yet known whether Angelina Jolie will be recast as Lara Croft.

Angelina portrayed the computer game heroine and daredevil archaeologist in the two films, but it has not been revealed if she would reprise her role or if a new actress would take over in the forthcoming franchise.

Producers Graham King and Tim Headington of GK Films are aiming for the first movie to be released in 2013, which they hope "will create daring new adventures for the young and dynamic Lara Croft", Deadline reports.

"We are very excited to be rebooting what is already a hugely successful film franchise and continuing the Tomb Raider phenomenon," said Graham.

The game, which was created in 1996 by Eidos, made Lara a gaming hero and spurred two movies - Lara Croft: Tomb Raider and Lara Croft: The Cradle Of Life

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