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Always the scene stealer, Kristen is finally a leading lady

Doing for hen parties what The Hangover did for stag nights, the raunchy, rude and very funny Bridesmaids is, most importantly, Kristen Wiig's coming out party. Finally.

Having been a staple of Saturday Night Live in America for the past five years, Wiig just about stole the show as the snooty producer's assistant, Jill, in 2007's Knocked Up. And then she did it again in Walk Hard (2008). And Ghost Town (2008). And Forgetting Sarah Marshall (2009).

By the time Adventureland -- Greg Mottola's follow-up to Superbad -- came along in 2009, Wiig had progressed to serious supporting player. Ditto with last year's Drew Barrymore-directed Whip It and this year's Paul.

Her mum must have been proud. What Kristen Carroll Wiig's mum makes of Bridesmaids though is another matter.

"Oh, this is a comedy for all the family," smiles Wiig. "Once that member of the family is over 18. And has a sense of humour. A wicked sense of humour."

Co-written by Wiig (with fellow Groundlings comedy trouper Annie Mumolo), Bridesmaids concerns Annie (Wiig), suddenly realising that she may be losing her best friend, Lillian (Maya Rudolph), when the latter announces she's getting married.

"But then, things go horribly, horribly wrong," nods Wiig, "which is the basis for all good comedy, right? I think we all live with the fear that we're just not good enough, that we're going to miss the target, that we're going to embarrass ourselves in a public place.

"I think girls are just as likely as boys to have open and frank habits," laughs Wiig. "Bad habits. And, of course, open and frank talks about sex."


Wiig would be the last person to take all the credit though -- the supporting cast is something to behold too. Our own Chris O'Dowd scores major points as the shy policeman who might just save Annie from a complete nervous breakdown.

"Chris is fantastic, isn't he?" enthuses Wiig. "We were so lucky to get him. Been a big fan for quite a while, watching him in The IT Crowd and popping up in a few movies."

Having divorced fellow actor Hayes Hargrove in 2009, native New Yorker Wiig is currently dating actor Brian Petsos and is now having to adjust her mindset to being slightly more famous than she was last year.

"There's a slow-burning recognition factor," smiles Wiig. "I don't get bothered, as such, which is great, but the longer you're out there and the more movies you pop up in, the more people kinda recognise you without necessarily knowing who you are. Which is probably the best level of fame."

Bridesmaids is in cinemas now