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All aboard the ship of misery and death

At first sight, Triangle looks like your standard DVD store straight-to-the-shelf flop. But while it's low key (and low budget) it's a smart movie, with enough twists, turns and shocks to entice even the most jaded viewer.

It opens with your typical horror-movie fodder -- good-looking young people -- enjoying the good life on a trip out on the waves on a yacht.

But when a massive storm capsizes their boat, their only hope of salvation is a passing cruise liner.

It practically screams "creepy", looking old and deserted, but the group haven't got too many options and board it.

Only babelicious young mom Jess (Melissa George, of Home and Away fame) has an eerie feeling of deja vu as the group look for crew or passengers aboard this modern-day Marie Celeste.


But there is someone else on board -- a masked shadowy character with a shotgun who doesn't want the group to get out alive.

It's hard to reveal too much without spoiling the movie, but suffice to say things don't look good for Jess, yacht owner Greg (Michael Doran), hunky guy Victor (Liam Hensworth) and Sally (Rachael Carpani).

All I can say is that it's a mind-hurting mix of horror and time-travel deja vu in which one character gets murdered time and time again in a loop and ends up gasping her last breath on dozens of bodies, which are all her own. On the downside, there's a lot of repetition as Jess finds herself locked in a time loop on a ship of never-ending misery and death.

And the ending, while not a shock once you've gotten used to the concept, has one jump-out-of-your-seat moment. Worth watching.

DVd Extras A very interesting making-of feature with insight to the set builds, actor interviews, and cinematography insights. Plus there's audio commentary from director Chris Smith, storyboards for three scenes and deleted scenes.